Monday, 20 December 2010

Garden - 19 Dec 2010

Denise did a little in the garden for a short while, whilst I continue to suffer with the flu. She did not leave the net up for long as it usually inhibits visits to the garden, especially by the Finch species, which tend to avoid coming in once they notice it is up.

In her short session she caught:

Robin x 5
Blue Tit x3
Long-tailed Tit x 3
Greenfinch x 1

All birds despite the cold were of good am weights, Lotties being in the range 7.5 - 8.3.

Despite having rung 5 Robins we are still finding unrung birds coming in, so the weather has clearly pushed them into the garden but oddly apart from a slight increase in Blackbirds we are not getting any Redwing/Fieldfares, though two Reed Buntings on the neighbours fence was notable.

We are currently getting a solo male Siskin coming, which is rung, but the ring is a notable by it's rather shiny appearance and slightly larger size, suggesting it is not a BTO ring!